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Bluntcards are for sharing on the web but please note there are some restrictions . You may post them on blogs, websites, social media, via email with the logo intact. Do not remove the logo or add your own.

You may not use Bluntcard images in an exploitive way. An example would be to upload a large amount of cards to use as an advertising revenue slide show where the visitor must click through to see each new card. Click a card, get an ad, click to see next card, get another ad. Using our images in this way or similar ways to generate ad revenue for your site is not allowed.

Deceptive social media sites are not allowed. Such as naming a social media page Bluntcard, Blunt Card, etc., to deceive a visitor into thinking they are visiting a site run by when they are not.

You may not use our original graphics or vintage images.

Some of the graphics used at may appear to simply be vintage advertising that you may assume are in the public domain and therefor anyone can use. Our vintage images are scanned from old magazines, packaging and other ephemera and then enhanced and altered, sometimes drastically adding artistic embellishment. These alterations are apparent to us and will be noticeable on products and images that have used them without permission. Because these images have been altered, the altered images are NOT in the public domain and are subject to copyright protection upon their creation.

All written material is original and is subject to copyright.

Bluntcard is a registered Trademark of and its owner.

This website is intended for the use of individuals over the age of 18.

Updated terms(12-18-2012): Please understand that the copyright and ownership of Bluntcard remains with regardless of where you share our cards. You are not authorized to grant a license of use to other websites or anyone. Please check the terms of service policies with websites you intend to share with. If a company, website's terms of service requires you to be the owner of all posted materiel, you are not granted use of posting images from to those sites.

Licensing of Bluntcard images for commercial use is done by signed contract only or by direct agreement by with a chosen company.

Thank you.